Great Health Debuts New Single!


We recently hopped on a call with Tyler from Great Health to talk about the brand new single that just dropped on all streaming platforms.

Stream the new track here before you read:

Check out the interview below!

Speakertree Interview

Blake: So this is Blake here from Speakertreee in Downtown Lynchburg, and I’m here with Tyler from Great Health. We are going to talk about their latest single, Lazarus, which is officially out everywhere today. So I’m not going to give away too much more, I’ll let him talk about it. Explain to us a little bit more about where you recorded, what you did, and who you recorded with.

Tyler: Sure yeah. So thanks for having me! We recorded with one of my favorite producers, his name is Joe Reinhart. We went up to The Headroom Studios in Philadelphia. Joe has worked with bands like Modern Baseball, Remo Drive, and Hop Along, which is a band he also plays in. It was really exciting for me when we had a chance to record with him, just knowing what albums have gone through that studio and all. The recording process overall was pretty quick. It was 5 songs in 6 days.

Blake: So you’re officially debuting the single the Lazarus here today. I know the single has been softly out for a little bit. Explain the reaction that friends, family and fans have had. How do you feel about the reception so far?

Tyler: I feel like it has been received well. I definitely started with influences in more pop punk, and alt rock, but this EP took a much more mellow approach then I expected it would. It still has your strong rock and emo influences. But it’s crazy how much more mellow it is, but I like it a lot. It makes the chorus and builds much more powerful. As for as the reception for the song, a lot of people are surprised at just how different it is. I would call that difference growth. Some of my favorite bands like Radiohead have grown so much on each album. And I am happy to see how much this has grown, if even unintentionally.

Blake: So other then the obvious use of a more professional studio and producer, who is definitely seasoned in the recording realm, how do you think the trip to Philadelphia affected you? As well as the feel of the studio. Did these influence the music? Do you think the comfort level of working with someone professional and seasoned helped marinate the songs to make them the best they could be?

Tyler: Knowing what our producer has worked on previously made me trust him immensely. I definitely tried to get my point across, and we all did with these sort of healthy disagreements. From my ideas, to Spencers and Parkers and Joes. It all felt very collaborative. We would all have different opinions on how different songs or elements should go. Overall it made me trust them and make decisions I would normally not choose to do in the songwriting process. A lot of the songs had a lot of complex elements that had to be taken out. Everything was broken down to bare essentials to get the good parts across. I feel like this album has more folk or freak folk influences. Something I never brought up, but naturally fell into place with the direction of our producer. Its cool because that's not a genre I initially expected this to turn out like.

Blake: That's awesome. So you were able to play Lynchstock last month. So you got to perform those songs live in the way that it turned out. I’m sure bands go into the studio with totally different songs. How do you think the new stuff translates to your live performance.

Tyler: It is definitely hard to get across live because on stage there was only three of us. Take this one song Seatbelt, it’s going to be the second single released. That song has probably like 6-7 instruments on it. There’s like a Rhoads, xylophone, lead guitar, drums, vocals, synth, etc. It makes it hard to translate the full song across because we can only get the bare essentials. But as far as the songwriting itself goes, the overall song still translates well. If you hear the studio version the songs will make more sense, but the energy is still there live.

Blake: So when can people expect the next single and EP to be released?

Tyler: I’m hoping to get the next single and EP out very soon. I actually want to drop the next single a week before the full EP comes out. I am still in the mastering process right now, all the mixing is done. I am hoping to have the next single out in January, with the EP to follow right after.

Blake: Well I think that’s all the questions I have. Is there anything else you want to say or plug?

Tyler: I definitely want to plug…

(Sirens go off in background)

Tyler: Sorry sirens are going off right now, I am trying to walk away from these haha.

Blake: Tyler is walking through the streets of New York City right now. While I am in the comfort of my home doing this interview.

Tyler: I’m job searching! I want to definitely plug our producer Joe, our masterer Alan Douches. I want to thank you Blake, as well as Parker Sherman and Spencer Greer who saved my ass with this whole recording process. I also want to thank Nick Sheetz for coming up and shooting some rad video for us. It’s a project that almost didn't happen due to band members dropping out, as well as the cost of the whole thing. But we pushed through it and I am super happy it is going to come out super soon.

Blake: Well it was good talking to you. I am personally super into the single, and the first time we listened to it--it was actually nick sheetz--plugged it up on the speakertree sound system at one of the shows.

Tyler: Haha no way.

Blake: Yeah it just sounded massive through those speakers. Super professional. I am personally a big fan of people who invest in their product as a band. Your band’s a business, and your product is your music. You want to put out the best product you can to give back to the fans who are supporting you. Showing the world you take it seriously. Seeing you invest in that has been really cool to see. And I’m proud of you for that.

Tyler: Thank you Blake

Blake: The whole EP is going to be super awesome, can’t wait to hear the full thing. I haven’t yet for everyone reading! I’ve only heard the one single and it makes me excited to hear the rest, and I think that’s what singles are all about. Thank you for your time, best of luck. If there is anything we can ever do for you at speakertree to help you out just let us know.

Tyler: Thanks Blake I appreciate that so much, thanks for having me.