Artist Profile: The Bergerons

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I Sat down with one of Lynchburg's most anticipated breakouts of 2018, The Bergerons. 

“The Bergerons started when Parker and I were juniors in high school. We got wind of the LCA talent show, and knew of each other, and kind of formed- solely to play in the talent show, then won.” Says Josh, the Front man, Keyboard player, Guitar Strummer, and song writer extrordinare

Parker laughs, “I don’t know if I ever told you this but I was gonna ask you to play Uke for the talent show.” Though Parker is strictly bass on stage, he's also well versed in guitar. 

“I had no idea, dude. I guess it was meant to happen. All the other members of that group have since gone down their own paths. We did the same thing next year and won again. We tried to record an EP but weren’t totally satisfied, so we’re still progressing.” Says Josh. You’d never guess he’s just shy of 19, he carries himself in a much older way.  “If we won the talent show, we had decided that it was a sign to keep working at it. We thought that our age and the town that we’re in would make it harder, but we were wrong on both fronts.”


The group has gone through several evolutions since it's inception, with eras packed tightly into their just-over- two- year existence. The most distinct changes can be seen as a majority of the members shift from high school to college- as does their fan base. 

“We struggle with feeling like we exist in a bubble,” Says Parker. A little older and equally as assured as Josh-  neither of them seem like college freshman. “We have a local following, but more people have started listening from other places, which is encouraging”


The group is in the process of recording a single called Desperate Age. They really hope to continue to play shows around Lynchburg- especially at Lynchstock in October.

Confidence- and growing confidence- has been key for every member of the group. For Josh, the spotlight has been the biggest changed. “ I don’t feel like I’m cut out to be a front man of a band.  Desperate Age feels very different from the two songs we currently have out, which are different from each other in their own right. We've performed Desperate Age before, and played it live for over a year, but the version we have now is a big departure. It's poppier. The song is about the 21st century being weird and scary, specifically in the context of relationships. It's optimistic -I always try to leave my cynicism at the door when I write- but I like to think it's honest. The crux of the song is the idea that love from another person won't complete you.”


The third member to the group is Josh’s older brother, Tim. The three round each other out well,, on stage and in production, and are constantly pushing themselves to evolve more. The Bergerons have been in the process of recording ,but have struggled to nail down their exact sound “We’re more folk rock than alternative rock, but we’re more indie rock than folk rock.” Their first single, Sojourner, has strong alternative indie influences with ballad like vocals and an easy but progressive rhythm, whereas the newest single, Away, takes a more indie pop route. Definitely a road trip worthy jam.  


The development has been natural and organic as they develop as artists and get a stronger feel for who they are, and who they want to be. “Lately we have been playing a lot of acoustic shows, and the end goal for future recordings is to find a happy medium between the unplugged, folky sound we love and the indie rock we love. The other thing is, we don’t know. Its all trial and error. “


The Name

The story of how the Bergerons got their name is defining for who they are as a band. “It all began in the basement. We were watching a Youtube video called ‘I feel fantastic.’, by John Bergeron. We thought it was the creepiest thing ever and it bothered us for a bit. Eventually, to get over the disturbance of it, we played the music ourselves, it was really therapeutic. The original concept was to face your fears and redeem crappy things.” We definitely aspire to make beautiful music. If there’s any emotion we wanna elicit it would be peace and hopefulness. If we were able to make that song in some way shape or form sound hopeful, it would be worth our while." Josh pauses "If I was to listen to the advice in my own songs, I would make bolder choices”


On the Color Of Music

“Music definitely has color” says Parker. " On some albums, I see the cover, and I feel the way they look. Greens and blues are our favorite colors because I hope our music is calming no matter how intense it could be.. We’re lighter now. We wanna mix organic with electronic.”

As for their own sound, they all agree that though their sound clocked orange and grey tones before, their new music resonates with blue and purple tones.