5 Bands To Watch in Lynchburg VA

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In the past five years, Lynchburg- specifically downtown, is breathing new life, and the arts and culture community is the clearest example. Local talent in every genre of music have been producing and performing almost faster than we can keep up with. If you feel like you’re a little behind ,here’s some artists to keep an eye out for (before you have to go through Ticketmaster to see them):

Good Dog Nigel

Photo by aztekmedia

Photo by aztekmedia

Bursting onto the scene in mid 2017, Parker Emeigh of Good Dog Nigel has already finished a tour of the East Coast.

Sound: “ Usually when people ask I just say ‘Rock and Roll’. But the sound is always slightly fluctuating depending on how I’m feeling or what phase I am in at the moment… Evolution is unavoidable when writing long enough, but still being able to recognize that it’s you even after you’ve changed so much, that’s important and that’s what I try to think about and focus on”

What’s in a name? : “originally it was going to be Roy G. Biv, but there was too many other artists with that name on bandcamp, so I settled on Good Dog Nigel, named after a poem by John Lennon from his book “in His Own Write”



La Dies

Photo By Victoria Goodman

Photo By Victoria Goodman

Myra and Melody have been playing music together since they were 9 years old, and when they met Aaron at a show in 2017, everything finally clicked together.

Sound: “ we chose our aesthetic based on the feelings we wanted our music to portray. Its symbolic of the growth and femininity, but also fragility.”

Are Poptarts Raviolis? :  “Pop tarts are definitely ravioli.”


Great Health

the great health.jpg

Made of four parts- Tyler, Jamie, Malachi, and Andrew- Great Health is just beginning to gain local traction with the release of their single “Stitches”, which, by the way, is a bop.

Sound: “I’d call our sound alternative. My personal biggest inspiration is basically anything emo, especially Brand New and Say Anything.”, Says Tyler

Coke Vs. Pepsi: “Coke by farrrr. Can’t speak for everyone else, though”.




Photo by Sydney Morris

Photo by Sydney Morris

Probably the newest of the bunch, Friendly is just beginning to play shows.

Sound: “Our sound is airy and sometimes abrasive rock reminiscent of the shoe gaze, grunge, and noise rock genres”

While listening, you should: “Drink a glass of sparkling mineral water. It’s important to stay hydrated.”



What started out as two siblings in the basement of a music store has now developed into both a creative outlet and a sound new to the area. 



Sound: "We would describe our sound as eclectic, melodic with a hard twist. You definitely can hear some 70s, 80s and a lot of 90s influence in our music. Our first 8 track album “Run” was definitely an experiment with different types of rock, and leading into our most recent EP “Sabotaged” we knew we could grow into an even better band.

Advice for musicians: "Play as if it’s your last show. No matter how big the crowd is, play as if it’s your last show. And any crowd is a good crowd, even if it’s a few people!"



by Staff Writer - Sarah Fleet