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Sound Of Ceres And Advance Base With TLVS

  • Riverviews Artspace 901 Jefferson Street Lynchburg, VA, 24504 United States (map)


Join us for an evening of atmospheric electronica with Sound of Ceres, Advance Base, and TLVS.

About the Bands:

SOUND OF CERES (Joyful Noise)

There is no one true self. With every choice you make, your story changes. Between the potential and the actual, there exist an infinite number of variations on who you have been.

In concert, The Twin (out now on Joyful Noise) evolves and changes nightly; no two versions of this immersive audio-visual experience are alike. Lasers and fiber optics pierce the darkness and smoke, creating a web of ever-changing constellations. Stars, circles, and double-helixes dance around the band, bouncing off reflective costumes and outstretched hands. Responding fluidly to each unique environment where they perform, Sound of Ceres transport the audience into the heart of the great cosmos via a mystifying display of lights and effects, coupled with hypnotizing sound.

Just as the various members of Sound of Ceres combine ideas and energies to fashion their magical world, everything they create together – words and music, video, live performance art – interlocks to tell the whole story. And when all the elements align, The Twin unlocks a universe of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. You'll never experience it the same way twice.


Owen Ashworth used to release his lo-fi keyboard pop under the name Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, but these days he calls it Advance Base.

Walking the line between electronic music & traditional singer/songwriter forms, Ashworth writes minimalist, heavy-hearted, & nostalgia-obsessed songs of longing & regret. His conversational, baritone vocals sing stories of hard-luck Midwesterners & their demons amid swirls of electric pianos, Omnichords, drum machines & samples.

Advance Base's second album, Nephew in the Wild, was named #1 Indie Pop album of 2015 by PopMatters.

TLVS (Harding Street Assembly Lab)

Yes, it's an acronym ("The Late Virginia Summers").
No, the band won't expound on what their moniker may reference.

Having survived a handful of lineup changes, TLVS is currently a three piece working with a palette of guitars / drums / keys. Sonically, the group plays off both the shoegazing bliss of the 90's & the ambient texture of 21st century post rock.

"It's avant garde without needing a decryption"
- INDY Weekly

"TLVS is an ambient cosmic ride, touring all the planets and stars and leaving nothing out. You feel all the universe move around you as you're pulled in."
- Get Off The Coast

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